Homework yes or no

Yes! It is definitely helpful. I think it is helpful. Homework is helpful to me because it helps us with the following real life situations, good grades. .

Yes! It is definitely helpful. I think it is helpful. Homework is helpful to me because it helps us with the following real life situations, good grades. . Woe unto the administrator who ventures forth into the homework wars. Scale it back, and parents will be at your door complaining about a lack of academic rigor. . Should homework be banned? 79 say yes. When exams are coming up the yes! But other than that no because i think its exercise for your brain when you learn. . Nov 27, 2008 yes students should get homework. In class instructional time is intended for the teacher to introduce new concepts and information. Homework also allows. . Sep 25, 2008 yes or no to homework? I just moved my sons (kinder. Should students get homework yesno? Answer questions.). .

Orchard elementary parents say yes to no-homework. The majority of parents supported orchard elementary schools no-homework policy, according to principal mark trifilio. . Research on homework in mathematics is briefly reviewed, with the conclusion that homework may be useful since it may increase achievement but wont decrease it. . Should schools be done with homework? By edward graham. No homework the new norm. Killergirl528. Thank you. .

Homework yes or no

I believe a small reasonable amount of homework is okay, but kids spend 8 plus hours in school and should be out doors and being active. When studying for a test teachers give you a sheet where you have to look up in the book to fill in the blanks. Instead of running kids ragged with work all day we need to encourage them to finish their work in school, and do something creative and fun outside of school. I personally think that homework is very important and good for you and your education. I might be able to understand the assignments better if they would show us the way and examples on how to do it.

Also, homework gives less time for a kid to be a kid. Some parents on friday still had questions about the policy, but there wasnt a negative word to be found in the hallway as parents waited on benches for their children to bust through the double doors. Books need to come home with the homework that show examples and not just the worksheets. These 3-13 hours can be used for whatever, such as having a social life or spending time with your family. The adults here claiming students are lazy probably forgot their own childhood.

Another reason is that the noise around us. America is so stupid, why they have no idea of rigor, and the us as an overall country is an epic failure. What? Free time? Ok, an average high schoolers free time consists of texting, squandering on a girlfriend, and watching tv! (i, for one do literally none of those things. All those people who think there should be homework and are calling us who want homework banned lazy probably dont understand. But as a parent, i cant let them, chitko said. These teachers who give out homework are not thinking about there after school activities, my daughter does dance at 400 and then finishes at 800 this gives only a couple hours to complete her work, first she has to eat her dinner and then by the time shes done it is nearly 900. In some situation, some student may find homework to be redundant and not even complete it. Diane ravitch points out that a novel like jane eyre cannot be completed if it is not read at home students have to work through it themselves. I was walking through the third-grade corridor recently, and they had pinned up worksheets exemplifying the commutative property. As her mother puts it, summer homework is a full-time job.