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Excuses not to do homework

Make invented excuses sound as plausible as possible. If your only option. Try to say in advance that you were not able to do your homework. Your teacher is. .

Make invented excuses sound as plausible as possible. If your only option. Try to say in advance that you were not able to do your homework. Your teacher is. . Quoti couldn&039t do my homework because my room is haunted. . My dog ate my homework! Hmm, perhaps not the most subtle or workable of excuses, but if you really do have a dog there may be more. . Blaming parents is risky. It seems legit but once the teacher emails home to confirm, your cover might be blown. Also, you have to make sure. . Asking for the best excuse for not doing homework is like asking for the best smelling fragrance between dog poop and elephant poop. Yeah you could argue. .

25 creative excuses for not turning in your homework. Getting back into the swing of things is hard to do, so im giving you a free pass. . You might not get away with turning in unfinished homework, but you might be able to get some extra time to do it if you can be entertaining. . Here are funny excuses for not doing homework. I didnt do it because i didnt want to add to my teachers heavy workload. A bunch of nerds stole it to make. .

Excuses not to do homework

I felt like doing the whole book on the bus ride home, so i did -- but after the first 116 pages, i got bus-sick and puked all over the workbook and all my homework! What a coincidence, eh? So i started an extra credit report about world war i & ii in my car going back home after dinner and, lo and behold!, my clumsy little siblings all felt carsick and hurled all over it and the world war library book (thatll explain the school library fine). At least your peers will have a laugh at them if your tutor refuses to take them. If you are able to do any of your homework, even a small amount or poor quality work, consider turning it in anyway. My dog got ahold of it and slobbered all over it. I was always a good, on-time, a-b student who always had his homework ready to present as the class bell rang.

You never started your homework because of that 12 hour nap you needed to take. The main prupose of this site is to be educational while entertaining at the same time. You might say something like i am really sorry, but i got behind on things and wasnt able to finish my homework. Also you could act annoyed with yourself so that the teacher develops more sympathy for you. We ran out of toilet paper at my house last night, and my dad isnt feeling so good.

I just cannot forget this line dog ate my homework and really going to teach so many kids of this excuse. My dad ripped it to shreds when mitt romney announced his vice presidential running mate. Never lie that you did your work because then she will know that you didnt want to do your homework. A strict teacher is still going to deduct that from your grade. Meanwhile, you can look around at what others have created. This way, when you actually need to use one, your teacher is more likely to accept it. So i spent the weekend morning the loss of my cat. You cant make this work a lot, but you might be able to get by with this once or twice. I was kidnapped by terrorists and they only just let me go, so i didnt have time to do it. Make sure to practice your perplexed stares in the mirror in the bathroom.

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