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Verizon business cell phone plans

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Verizon business cell phone plans

Update interestingly, without any change or added effort from this end, the app began working the day after posting this review. Why did you even update it! It worked fine before. Now this new updated app is clumsy and cumbersome, without regard to customer input or thought. The pw was correct and it was the first try. Please give us the option of the old way of viewing data usage.

Update - only shows amt phone has used not total data used. However, i see no evident difference from the previous version. Why is a card nickname necessary if youre not saving it? And as soon as the payment goes through, my balance still shows as unpaid. If you are and not able to email us at myvzmobileverizonwireless. Since my account with verizon started on my wifes phone, this app wont run on my phone.

Loads of pointless clutter and ultra clumsy and difficult navigation. The app doesnt fit my screen size and i end up waiting around while the right button is hidden off screen. I was briefly shocked when it switched to percentage remaining - i couldnt think of how i had used over 90 of my data just a few days into the new cycle. Also, update was forced, just wanted to check my data usage, couldnt do anything without updating first, now the app is useless. You have to scroll to get to submit payment, just barely off the screen. If you are and not able to do so, email us at myvzmobileverizonwireless. But what about your broke ass app verizon man! Terrible customer service. Not a fan verizon service & tech support are not qualified to do their job to my satisfaction. Take control of your mobile data - save money & use your plans more effectively. In the mean time, you can also clear out any old cache in app manager settings on your device, reboot & retry.

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