Aparapi – Parallel programming with Java and OpenCL

September 15th, 2011

AMD just released to open source a project called Aparapi that started in their JavaLabs team. Aparapi is an API for expressing data parallel workloads in Java and a runtime component capable of converting the Java bytecode of compatible workloads into OpenCL™ so that it can be executed on a variety of GPU devices.  More information can be found in this blog entry.

CUDA Template Generator Released

June 26th, 2011

CUDA Template Generator is a Java application that allows generates CUDA C source file templates based on user input parameters. Features include :

  • An algorithm for automatic block and thread definition, depending on array size.
  • Automatic memory transfer functions for CPU->GPU->CPU communication.
  • Generated C source code function template to use in your application.

Developed by Pavel Kartashev, as part of his Master’s Degree work.

Java bindings for CUDA

February 27th, 2009

Alexander Heusel of the University of Frankfurt has released open source Java bindings for CUDA.  The current project state is alpha, with support for the CUDA driver API, and support for the CUBLAS and CUFFT libraries is pending.  Contributions are welcome. For more information see the project website: http://jacuzzi.sourceforge.net