PPAM 2009 GPU and OpenCL Tutorial

GPUs, OpenCL and Scientific Computing

Welcome to the course notes for the full-day  PPAM 2009 OpenCL and GPU Computing Tutorial!

The tutorial was held at PPAM 2009 on Sunday, September 13, 2009.

Course Organizer

Robert Strzodka, Max Planck Institut Informatik

Course Speakers

Session 1: GPU Basics

  • Introduction (Strzodka)  (PDF)
  • Why GPUs? (Strzodka)  (PDF)
  • Programming Environments and Ready-to-use Libraries (Göddeke)  (PDF)
  • GPU Architecture (Strzodka)  (PDF)

Session 2: Introduction to OpenCL

  • Introduction to OpenCL (Behr)  (PDF)
  • Hands-on Examples

Session 3: OpenCL Basics

  • OpenCL API (Behr)  (PDF)
  • OpenCL Language (Behr)  (PDF)
  • Hands-on Examples

Session 4: Scientific Computing on GPUs

  • Aspects of Scientific Computing on GPUs (Strzodka) (PDF)
  • Case Study: GPU Cluster Computing for FEM (Göddeke) (PDF)

Session 5: Advanced OpenCL

  • OpenCL Architecture and Optimization on AMD GPUs (Behr) (PDF)
  • Hands-on Examples
  • AMD OpenCL GPU Demo