About GPGPU.org

GPGPU stands for General-Purpose computation on Graphics Processing Units, also known as GPU Computing. Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) are high-performance many-core processors capable of very high computation and data throughput.  Once specially designed for computer graphics and difficult to program, today’s GPUs are general-purpose parallel processors with support for accessible programming interfaces and industry-standard languages such as C.  Developers who port their applications to GPUs often achieve speedups of orders of magnitude vs. optimized CPU implementations. The goal of GPGPU.org is to catalog the current and historical use of GPUs for general-purpose computation, and to provide a central resource for GPGPU software developers.


The term GPGPU was coined and GPGPU.org was founded by Mark Harris in 2002 when he recognized an early trend of using GPUs for non-graphics applications.  GPGPU.org has grown from an obscure site visited by few into a popular destination for developers and researchers.

Hosting for GPGPU.org is kindly provided by ibiblio.

GPGPU.org is still maintained by Mark Harris.  Dominik Göddeke has served as assistant editor since 2008, and as forum moderator since 2006.  Dominik also created many of the developer pages.