Fine-grained GPU implementation of Assembly-Free Iterative Solver for Finite Element Problems

June 11th, 2015


The use of GPU computing in FEA is today an active research field. This is primary due to current GPU sparse solvers are partially parallelizable and can hardly make use of Data-Level Parallelism (DLP) for which GPU architectures are designed. This paper proposes a fine-grained implementation of matrix-free Conjugate Gradient (CG) solver for Finite Element Analysis (FEA) using Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) architectures. The proposed GPU instance takes advantage of Massively Parallel Processing (MPP) architectures performing well-balanced parallel calculations at the Degree-of-Freedom (DoF) level of finite elements. The numerical experiments evaluate and analyze the performance of diverse GPU instances of the matrix-free CG solver.

Jesús Martínez-Frutos, Pedro J. Martínez-Castejón, David Herrero-Pérez, Fine-grained GPU implementation of assembly-free iterative solver for finite element problems, Computers & Structures, Volume 157, September 2015, Pages 9-18, ISSN 0045-7949,