Android OpenCL tool builds automatically searchable CL capabilities database

June 11th, 2015

At the moment Google does not support OpenCL™ as part of the Android platform. However newer generation devices do support it. But not all devices are equipped with the right drivers.

More and more device manufacturers include these drivers as OpenCL™ can be very useful to accelerate specific workloads. The goal of this tool is to build a database of all OpenCL™ capable devices and its properties so developer/users can search though this data. This enables them to see how many devices have OpenCL™ support and what features are implemented. It enables a developer to decide if it make sense for them to utilize OpenCL™ to accelerate their application.

With the tool it is possible to browse through the database and see all devices that support OpenCL. Next to the it is possible to view all the OpenCL capabilities of your current device and all the devices in the on-line database.

Other sites have tried to create a comprehensible list of capable OpenCL devices. However all these lists needed to be manually edited. This is the first tools that automatically uploads and adds the OpenCL capabilities into the database. Especially when a devices model is launched with different platforms depending of the region, it prone to error.

The OpenCL-X Tool is tested with over 500 devices and 1000 different ROM versions. All of the capabilities of the OpenCL-X Tool that are stored in the database can be viewed within the application. This enables other develops to view the results and enable them to create better programs.

The OpenCL-X Tool for Android is available for free on Google Play.

This tool enables you to:
– search through all OpenCL™ capabilities of all tested devices
– Detect the OpenCL™ capabilities of the device if any.
– Display all properties of the detected OpenCL™ capabilities.
– Test the OpenCL™ capabilities by running a kernel and checking the result.
– Search on properties of all devices that the app has verified to have OpenCL™

If you see any device supporting OpenCL not on that list, please send the author an email and help the list grow.