ADBIS workshop on GPUs in Databases GID 2015

April 13th, 2015

The workshop will take place in Poitiers, France on September 8th, 2015,

Aims and Scope

High performance of modern Graphics Processing Units may be utilized not only for graphics related application but also for general computing. This computing power has been utilized in new variants of many algorithms from almost every computer science domain. Unfortunately, while other application domains strongly benefit from utilizing the GPUs, databases related applications seem not to get enough attention. The main goal of GPUs in Databases workshop is to fill this gap. This event is devoted to sharing the knowledge related to applying GPUs in Database environments and to discuss possible future development of this application domain.

List of topics of the GID workshop includes (but is not limited to):

  1. Data compression on GPUs
    • lossless/lossy compression and decompression
    • real time compression and decompression of multimedia
  2. GPUs in databases and data warehouses
    • join processing
    • data indexing
    • data aggregation
    • bulk query processing
    • analytical query processing
  3. Data mining using GPUs
    • classification
    • frequent itemsets and association rules
    • frequent subgraphs
    • sequential patterns
    • clustering
    • social networks mining
    • regression
  4. Stream processing
    • query processing in streaming databases
    • stream compression/decompression
  5. Applications of GPUs in bioinformatics
  6. Data oriented GPU primitives
    • sorting
    • searching
    • parallel insertion anddata structure modification

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