Acceleware offers upcoming CUDA and C++ AMP training events

September 2nd, 2013

Acceleware, partnering with NVIDIA, if offering a four-day CUDA training course designed for programmers in the oil and gas industry who are looking to develop comprehensive skills in writing and optimizing applications that fully leverage the many-core processing capabilities of the GPU. Commonly used algorithms in oil and gas such as filtering and FFTs will be used and profiled in the examples. The case study on day 4 will focus on efficient implementation of 3D convolution, which is highly applicable to reverse time migration. A background in oil and gas is not necessary. Register here.

Acceleware training program manager Kelly Goss is hosting a 4 day C++ AMP training course in Boston, MA September 10 -13. The course will cover an overview of GPU computing, C++ 11 Lambda syntax, data-parallel architectures and the C++ AMP programming model. Every day consists of lectures and hands-on exercises (laptops for student’s use provided for the duration of the course).  Click here for full details and registration.