CUDA 5 Production Release Now Available

October 15th, 2012

The CUDA 5 Production Release is now available as a free download at
This powerful new version of the pervasive CUDA parallel computing platform and programming model can be used to accelerate more of applications using the following four (and many more) new features.

• CUDA Dynamic Parallelism brings GPU acceleration to new algorithms by enabling GPU threads to directly launch CUDA kernels and call GPU libraries.
• A new device code linker enables developers to link external GPU code and build libraries of GPU functions.
• NVIDIA Nsight Eclipse Edition enables you to develop, debug and optimize CUDA code all in one IDE for Linux and Mac OS.
• GPUDirect Support for RDMA provides direct communication between GPUs in different cluster nodes

As a demonstration of the power of Dynamic Parallelism and device code linking, CUDA 5 includes a device-callable version of the CUBLAS linear algebra library, so threads already running on the GPU can invoke CUBLAS functions on the GPU.

NVIDIA says:

We’re already hearing from developers who love the application acceleration and improved programmability they’re experiencing with the CUDA 5 pre-release builds. Find out what CUDA 5 can do for you by downloading the Production Release version today!

Learn more about CUDA 5 on the NVIDIA Developer Zone web site or sign up for a live webinar, “CUDA 5: Everything You Need To Know” (10am (PDT) Oct 24th, 2012, Presented by Will Ramey, Sr. Product Manager, GPU Computing, NVIDIA).