C++ AMP Courses

May 26th, 2012

C++ Accelerated Massive Parallelism (C++ AMP) is a new open specification heterogeneous programming model, which builds on the established C++ language. Developed for heterogeneous platforms C++ AMP is designed to accelerate the execution of C++ code by taking advantage of the data-parallel hardware that is commonly present as a GPU. These courses are aimed at programmers who are looking to develop comprehensive skills in writing and optimizing applications using C++ AMP. Delivered by Acceleware’s Developers (as opposed to trained trainers!), the courses are designed for programmers looking to acquire comprehensive skills in accelerating applications through parallel programming.

Developed in partnership with Microsoft, the courses focus on using GPUs as the data parallel hardware. Using Visual Studio 11, students will learn:

  • Data parallel programming model
  • C++ AMP syntax
  • C++ AMP API
  • C++ AMP debugging functionality in Microsoft Visual Studio 11
  • C++ AMP support in the concurrency visualiser in Visual Studio 11
  • Optimizing code for GPUs

The training comprises of classroom lectures and practical hands-on exercises using supplied laptops equipped with compute-capable GPUs. Small class sizes maximize learning and ensure a personal educational experience for each student.

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