A fast algorithm of simulating star map for star sensor

November 16th, 2011


In order to test the function and performance of star sensor on the ground, a fast method for simulating star map is presented. The algorithm adopts instantanesous coordinate of star and improves the star searching efficiency by optimizing the zone partitioning method for star catalogue. We overcome the low accuracy of the latitude and longitude’s span that FOV overlays by proposing a new spherical right-angled triangle method and the searching scope is reduced highly; meanwhile, the simulation model for star brightness is also built based on adopted star catalogue. Simulation study is conducted for the demonstration of the algorithm. The proposed approach meets the requirement of wide magnitude range and short simulation period.

(Chao Li, Changwen Zheng, Jiaze Wu, and Liqiang Zhang, “A fast algorithm of simulating star map for star sensor”, Proceedings of the 3rd IEEE International Conferernce on Computer and Network Technology (IEEE ICCNT), 2011)