MOSIX Virtual OpenCL (VCL) Cluster Platform

December 27th, 2010

The MOSIX group announces the release of the MOSIX Virtual OpenCL (VCL) cluster platform version 1.0, which allows OpenCL applications to transparently utilize many GPU devices in clusters. In the VCL run-time environment, all the cluster devices are seen as if they are located in each hosting-node. Applications need not be aware which nodes and devices are available and where the devices are located. VCL benefits OpenCL applications that can use multiple devices concurrently.

VCL can be used to build powerful parallel GPU based clusters. Its main features are:

  • Can run unmodified OpenCL 1.1 applications
  • Applications can utilize cluster-wide GPU devices
  • Transparent selection of devices
  • Applications can be started on any hosting-computer, including workstations without GPU devices
  • Supports multiple applications on the same cluster
  • Runs on Linux clusters, with or without MOSIX

The VCL package can be downloaded from