Yellow Dog Enterprise Linux for CUDA

March 9th, 2010

Yellow Dog Enterprise Linux for CUDA (YDEL for CUDA) is an open source, Linux operating system built for faster, easier, and more reliable GPU Computing. YDEL for CUDA, released and supported by Fixstars, goes beyond the basic Linux OS and integrates support for GPUs, NVIDIA CUDA, and GPU development tools.

From the YDEL for CUDA website:

Key benefits of Yellow Dog Enterprise Linux for CUDA:

  • YDEL for CUDA users can experience up to a 9% performance improvement in some applications.
  • Comprehensive support is offered to paid subscriptions with our skilled team able to assist you with both Linux and CUDA.
  • YDEL’s unparalleled integrations means everything you need to write and run CUDA applications is included and configured.
  • YDEL includes multiple versions of CUDA and can easily switch between them via a setting in a configuration file or an environment variable.
  • Never worry about updates affecting your system, Fixstars offers YDEL users greater reliability with our strenuous test procedures that validate GPU computing functionality and performance.

For more information, visit the YDEL for CUDA website.