CLyther = Python + OpenCL

March 9th, 2010

CLyther is an under-development python tool for OpenCL similar to Cython for C. CLyther is a python language extension intended to make writing OpenCL code as easy as Python itself. CLyther currently only supports a subset of the Python language definition but adds many new features for OpenCL.

CLyther exposes both the OpenCL C library and language to python. It’s features include:

  • Fast prototyping of OpenCL code.
  • OpenCL kernel function creation using the Python language definition.
  • Strong OOP programming in OpenCL code.
  • Passing functions as arguments to kernel functions.
  • Python emulation mode for OpenCL code.
  • Fancy indexing of arrays.
  • Dynamic compilation at runtime.

CLyther is currently under development, and the developers plan to release a beta version before April 14. They are looking for feedback and developers to help with this project. If you are interested, post a comment to the CLyther forum.

  • Scott Spinella

    Awesome..Tool…It is very helpful to me…
    Scott Spinella