CfP: High performance computational systems Biology

February 8th, 2010

The HiBi workshop establishes a forum to link researchers in the areas of parallel computing and computational systems biology. One of the main limitations in managing models of biological systems comes from the fundamental difference between the high parallelism evident in biochemical reactions and the sequential environments employed for the analysis of these reactions. Such limitations affect all varieties of continuous, deterministic, discrete and stochastic models; undermining the applicability of simulation techniques and analysis of biological models. The goal of HiBi is therefore to bring together researchers in the fields of high performance computing and computational systems biology. Experts from around the world will present their current work, discuss
profound challenges, new ideas, results, applications and their experience relating to key aspects of high performance computing in biology.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Parallel stochastic simulation
  • Biological and Numerical parallel computing
  • Parallel and distributed architectures
  • Emerging processing architecture: Cell processors, GPUs, mixed CPU-FPGA, etc.
  • Parallel model checking techniques
  • Parallel parameter estimation
  • Parallel algorithms for biological analysis
  • Application of concurrency theory to biology
  • Parallel visualization algorithms
  • Web-services and Internet computing for e-Science
  • Tools and applications

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