nCore Design Debuts New Training Course for GPU Processors

October 4th, 2009

nCore Design announces the immediate availability of the NCT-300 Programming GPU Processors course. Conceived with the experienced C/C++ programmer in mind, NCT-300 covers concepts and approaches related to programming GPU processors using both CUDA and OpenCL. The course covers GPU hardware, memories, data transport, CUDA and OpenCL APIs, programming methods and performance optimization. It will enable students to understand the fundamental aspects of GPU programming and become proficient in a relatively short time. Extensive hands-on laboratories demonstrate how to apply common numerical methods using both native APIs and open source libraries. Other topics covered in the course include integrating the Intel Threading Building Blocks (TBB) abstraction layer with native GPU software APIs in addition to a GPU debugging primer.

The class brochure is available for download. To register, schedule an on-site session or contact nCore Design, go to