GPGPU Paper Wins Best Paper Award at HPCS’09

June 23rd, 2009

The paper Fast Seismic Modeling and Reverse Time Migration on a GPU Cluster by Rached Abdelkhalek, Henri Calandra, Olivier Coulaud, Jean Roman and Guillaume Latu has earned the Best Paper Award at High Performance Computing and Simulation 2009, held June 21-24 in Leipzig, Germany.

This paper was presented in the Workshop on Architecture-Aware Simulation and Computing, organized by Michael Bader and Josef Weidendorfer (Technische Universität München). Three other GPGPU papers were part of this workshop:

The abstract of the award-winning paper is:

We have designed a fast parallel simulator that solves the acoustic wave equation on a GPU cluster. Solving the acoustic wave equation in an oil exploration industrial context aims at speeding up seismic modeling and Reverse Time Migration. We consider a finite difference approach on a regular mesh, in both 2D and 3D cases. The acoustic wave equation is solved in either a constant density or a variable density domain. All the computations are done in single precision, since double precision is not required in our context. We use CUDA to take advantage of the GPUs computational power. We study different implementations and their impact on the application performance. We obtain a speed up of 10 for Reverse Time Migration and up to 30 for the modeling application over a code running on general purpose CPUs.