F2C-ACC: A source-to-source translator from Fortran to C and C for CUDA

June 4th, 2009

F2C-ACC is a language translator to convert codes from Fortran into C and C for CUDA. The goal of this project is to reduce the time to convert and adapt existing large-scale Fortran applications to run on CUDA-accelerated clusters, and to reduce the effort to maintain both Fortran and CUDA implementations. Both translations are useful: C can be used for testing and as a base code for running on the IBM Cell processor, and the generated C for CUDA code serves as a basis for running on the GPU. The current implementation does not support all language constructs yet, but the generated human-readable code can be used as a starting point for further manual adaptations and optimizations.

F2C-ACC is developed by Mark Govett et al. at the NOAA Earth System Research Laboratory, and has been presented at the Path to Petascale NCSA/UIUC workshop on applications for accelerators and accelerator clusters.

  • sohan

    That is a great effort.


    Respected Sir,
    i am working on Dynamic programming on GPU(Multicore environment), so sir where can i get your F2C-ACC convertor so that i can convert C codes to CUDA C codes. I would be very glad and thankfull to you if you provide me the link.