The New

April 6th, 2009

We’re very happy today to announce the new! We’ve been spending many evenings and weekends building an all-new infrastructure for the website based on WordPress. This powerful platform will provide a much more stable, secure, and flexible experience for both visitors and editors.  More importantly, we have completely rewritten the developer pages, with new information on the latest GPU Computing languages, such as NVIDIA CUDA and ATI Stream.  We owe a debt of gratitude to Dominik Göddeke for organizing and editing the new developer pages, as well as for lots of help with testing.

Other new features include a news submission form, reader comments, a much better site search, and a cleaner, more modern design.  We’ve also simplified the news categories and added tags to provide additional metadata for news posts.  Everything you are used to is still here, including our popular forums.  We hope the result is a more positive experience for everybody.  If you find problems with the new site, such as broken links, improper formatting on your browser, or other problems, please report them using the news submission form. (Note, you can still access the old site.)