SPRAT: Runtime Processor Selection for Energy-aware Computing

October 16th, 2008

This paper by Takizawa et al. at Tohoku University describes a programming framework named Stream Programming with Runtime Auto-Tuning (SPRAT) that combines a high-level programming language with runtime processor selection. Today, a commodity PC can be seen as a hybrid computing system equipped with two different kinds of processors, i.e. CPU and GPU. Since the superiorities of GPUs in the performance and the power efficiency strongly depend on the system configuration and the data size determined at run time, a programmer cannot always know which processor should be used to execute a certain kernel. Therefore, this paper describes the SPRAT framework, which dynamically selects an appropriate processor so as to improve energy efficiency. The evaluation results clearly indicate that the run-time processor selection on execution of each kernel with the given data streams is promising for energy-aware computing on a hybrid computing system. (SPRAT:Runtime Processor Selection for Energy-aware Computing. Hiroyuki Takizawa, Katuto Sato, and Hiroaki Kobayashi. To appear in Proceedings of IEEE Cluster 2008 (the 3rd international workshop on automatic performance tuning).)