Case studies on GPU usage and data structure design

August 11th, 2008


Big improvements in the performance of graphics processing units (GPUs) turned them into a compelling platform for high performance computing. In this thesis, we discuss the usage of NVIDIA’s CUDA in two applications — Einstein@Home, a distributed computing software, and OpenSteer, a game-like application. Our work on Einstein@Home demonstrates that CUDA can be integrated into existing applications with minimal changes, even in programs designed without considering GPU usage. However the existing data structure of Einstein@Home performs poorly when used on the GPU. We demonstrate that using a redesigned data structure improves the performance to about three times as fast as the original CPU version, even though the code executed on the device is not optimized. We further discuss the design of a novel spatial data structure called “dynamic grid” that is optimized for CUDA usage. We measure its performance by integrating it into the Boids scenario of OpenSteer. Our new concept outperforms a uniform grid by a margin of up to 15%, even though the dynamic grid still provides optimization potential.

(Case studies on gpu usage and data structure design. J. Breitbart, Master’s thesis, Universität Kassel, 2008)

  • Smith

    Please i need your help on graphical implementation of data structure (stack implementation) is a project topic.

    • Mark Harris

      Please try the forums.