Free gDEBugger License for Academic Users

October 4th, 2006

The OpenGL ARB and Graphic Remedy have crafted an Academic Program to make the full featured gDEBugger OpenGL debug toolkit available for use in your daily work and research – free of charge! gDEBugger is a powerful OpenGL and OpenGL ES debugger and profiler delivering one of the most intuitive OpenGL development toolkits available for graphics application developers. The ARB.Graphic Remedy Academic Program will run for one year during which time any OpenGL developer who is able to confirm they are in academia will receive an Academic gDEBugger License from Graphic Remedy at no cost. This license will be valid for one year and will include all gDEBugger software updates as they become available. Academic licensees may also optionally decide to purchase an annual support contract for the software at a reduced rate. For further information, visit: and”