Accelerating Double-Precision FEM Simulations with GPUs

August 23rd, 2005

This paper by Dominik Göddeke, Robert Strzodka and Stefan Turek describes a preliminary algorithm to achieve double precision results by adding a CPU-based defect correction to iterative linear system solvers on the GPU. We demonstrate that identical accuracy as compared to a full CPU double precision solver is possible while still gaining a factor of 2 in speedup compared to a highly tuned cache-aware CPU reference implementation in double precision. (Accelerating Double Precision FEM Simulations with GPUs. Dominik Göddeke, Robert Strzodka and Stefan Turek. To appear in Proceedings of ASIM 2005 – 18th Symposium on Simulation Technique.)

  • iswandi

    I want to know the implementation of GPU for numerical analyisis